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Our team puts your needs first, looking to match you with the perfect fixed indexed annuity or life insurance to protect the assets you worked hard to earn. At Mortach Financial, we understand you’re in control of your financial future and we’re here to help you create the retirement strategy you deserve.



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There’s a lot of television commercials out there suggesting that in order to retire successfully, you must achieve a certain number so that you can live off your savings. At Mortach Financial, we approach retirement planning a bit differently. We work with our clients to help them achieve a certain level of income. Why? Because it’s your income that will determine the quality of your retirement.
Most people retiring today can’t live on Social Security alone, but neither will they be receiving a pension. The 401(k) was designed to replace the pension, but it doesn’t do that perfectly—there are a few extra steps involved. In July of 2000, Dave Mortach founded his firm Mortach Financial to help residents of Northeast Ohio create what some people call guaranteed income or income you can’t outlive, but what he calls their own personal pension.
Despite getting into the industry during one of the most volatile decades in stock market history, none of his clients lost any money due to the market fluctuations in 2008. Using a customized process that addresses the concerns of each individual, Dave helps people to protect their savings, decrease their fees, and avoid probate by having solid growth when the market is up. He has a saying he shares with all his clients that sums up what he helps them to achieve:
When the market goes up you share in the gains, but when the market goes down you are protected from losses.”
Because he believes there’s nothing worse in retirement than a double negative—losing money while taking money out—Dave and his wife currently rely on the same strategies he offers his clients. After 19 years in the industry, he has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, is host of the Retirement Wealth Planning radio show, and appears frequently on the Fox Noon News Hour, New Day Cleveland, and WKYC Live on Lakeside and the Today Show.
A native of North Olmsted and the son of a fireman, Dave resides with his wife and two daughters in the Avon area. They are active members of their community, donating annually to Coats for Kids and proud supporters of the Travis Mills Foundation. When he’s not working as President of Mortach Financial, Dave can be found playing golf, watching hockey, and spending time with his family.

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